E-Wallet Management

The world, where we live in, is powered by technologies. Everything from taxi booking, shopping, to ordering food can be done just with a few taps on the mobile devices. The rise of the internet and mobile devices have paved the way for easy accessibility of goods and services. While many financial institutions will realize the impact of technology, the mobile payment market seems to win the race. Digital wallet payments are the major contributor to fin-tech (finance & technology) growth. Softech Planet offers feature-rich and fully-protected eWallet Application Development Services for Android, iPhone and Wearable Devices.

Benefits of E-Wallet

Enable financial transactions

Fastest-growing digital product

Brings consumers close

Easy to start giving discount coupons, vouchers or loyalty cards

Cashless transaction

Fully secured

Features Which Can Be Available In E-Wallet Development

User Registration & Authentication

Mobile App Features

Administration panel

Promotion and refund settings


Load & transfer money

QR Code

UPI Transfer

Integration Bank Account

Invoice and Receipts