Database Management System

Data management solutions and systems that help to deal with and manage the full data life-cycle needs of your company. Manage the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures with the data management systems found on bobs-guide. While many surveillance solutions focus on specific aspects of data analysis (e.g. trade, voice, email), until now there has been no solution that can give true multi-factorial analysis across them all. Softech Planet is that solution. By aggregating data across multiple sources and disparate formats it enables contextual analysis, workflow, audit and transparency that not only ensures regulatory compliance, but also gives massive operational savings through fewer false positives and efficiency in ensuring risk controls are met.

Benefits Of A Dynamic Website Include

CRM for customer data

ERP for processes and inventory data

Project Management

Business Intelligence for market data

Data redundancy



Easy Maintenance

Enhanced Security

Improved File Consistency

Multi-User Environment Support

Low Repetition and Redundancy

Insulation between program and data

Support for multiple views of data

Sharing of data and multiuser system

Control of data redundancy

Restriction of unauthorized access